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Validation Platform

Straker Translations Validation Platform is a very useful toolset for clients who have in-house/in-country editors. It takes the hassle out of making changes manually or copy/pasting changes once the translation has been completed by Straker.  Changes updated in their bespoke translation memory for future use.

The Validation Platform allows editors to do the following:

  • Editing translated segments
  • Adding comments for translators (for future reference only)
  • Search and replace terms

Editors must use either Google Chrome or Firefox.

Once the files are in Validation, the files cannot be pushed back to the translators for editing. Any changes made by editors must be final.

Logging In

  1. Open Google Chrome and go to:
  2. Fill in the form using the login details provided to you by Straker – user name, password, and the site (these will all be provided to you by the Project Manager). Don’t forget to accept the terms and conditions.

The Projects User Interface

When you have successfully logged in to the Feedback Platform, you will find yourself on the Projects page. The Projects page displays the list of the currently available batches (files) requiring validation.

Batches are not assigned to a specific validator (user); instead, all validators of a language can see all available batches.

The display provides information about the batch – such as name, language pair, word and segment count (see below).

  • You can see the status of a batch and which editor is working on an article by name.
  • Click the Validate button to open the article and view the contents ready for review.

The Validation User Interface

  • Source – The source content.
  • Target – The translation.
  • Comment – If you wanted to leave a comment for the translator (i.e. “can you please use a more informal tone” or “please use WORD X instead of WORD Y”). The feedback/comments will be then made available to the translator when you have signed off that specific file. Just press the comments button to get the option to add a comment.
  • Replace Translation (SAVE) – The Replace Translation option should be used when a change to the translation is required. Simply click on the segment you want to edit and when you have added the changes press the Save button. Replacements immediately overwrite the current translation.
  • Search – If you find the same term repeated throughout the text you can use the Search and Replace to find WORD X and Replace on bulk with WORD Y.
  • Signoff – Once you have added your feedback/reviewed all the segments you need to press the Signoff button. By doing that you will finalize the file, send the report to the translator and mark the article as complete inside the platform which will then make that article available for publishing inside the API platform or available for download by the end client. Any file that is not SIGNED OFF will continue to be marked as “Under Review” and not available for resupply until it is signed off.


Please watch the video and use this useful quick guide Validation-Platform-Guide-v6.0 to see exactly how validators can use the features.

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