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Microsoft Office (MSO) Review Tool

This tool simplifies the validation process of MS Word files. The tool’s feature benefits include:

  • Side by side visual layout
  • Editing translations with context
  • Spellchecker on translation
  • Move formatting tags within a segment
  • Add comments for the translator
  • Zoom in or out to closely inspect content

Interface Basics

Source content is displayed on the left-hand side of the screen and the translation on the right. The two can be scrolled simultaneously.

Click on a segment in the source or target to open the text editor. When changing a translation, changes will not be immediately visible in the translated document. You must regenerate the document for any changes to be visible (more on this below).

Main Toolbar

  • The back arrow (<) takes you to the batch project page.
  • Regenerate will regenerate the file images and make your changes visible in the translation (This can take a while to regenerate)
  • Reload segments will reload the segments.
  • Show geometry will highlight and color code all the segments.
  • Click Sign off to inform us that you are done with the file – only use this option when you are absolutely sure you have finished.

Editing Translations

Documents are aligned side by side with the source text on the left and the translation to the right. Only the translation is editable. When you hover your mouse over a segment, the text will be highlighted in both source and target showing you where the corresponding text is.

Click on the segment to be edited to bring up the Edit Pane. Modify the text or move the tags as required and click Save. The content will be saved but will only be displayed in the interface after clicking Regenerate.

Icon/Button Description
Tags (purple) Inline tags represent where document formatting begins and ends (i.e. bold, italics, and underline). The tags only appear in the editor, in the document itself the tags show the formatting of the document. Tags can be moved within the text by dragging and dropping them to the appropriate location (see image above)
Save Saves the changes to memory (but does not update the view in the display)
Add a comment Pops up a comment window where you can leave a comment for the translator to review once you have finished. Please do not request changes to the current translation here.
ABC Activates spell checker
Circle Pins or unpins the Edit Page so it does not move as you scroll through the interface
Eye Makes the edit box transparent to make more content on your screen visible

Color Codes

Hovering on either the source or target will highlight both sections to reference corresponding text. Clicking Show geometry will also add a color coded highlight to all of the text. The color codes represent different status for each segment.

Color Description
Blue The translation is unmodified
Red The translation is modified, but the document needs to be regenerated for the changes to display
Green The translation has been modified, and changes are visible and there are no other changes since the last reload or regeneration

Reloading vs Regenerating

Both will save the changes and update the color codes. But only Regenerate applies changes to the visual display. You must Reload when moving to a new page to make segments available for editing.

Leaving a Comment

Use the Add a Comment button to leave a comment about content for the translator or project manager to read. Once the batch is signed off a Comment Report will be generated and added to the batch information. It will also be automatically emailed to the translator/reviewer and the project manager.

Sign Off

Click the sign off button to confirm you have finished validating. This will generate a notification for the project manager and generate the Comments Report. The project manager will then send off the file to the client or notify other users as necessary that validation is complete.

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