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InDesign Proofing

This proofing feature provided by Frontlab removes file handling when marking up changes by your own in-house or external Validators. Validators can apply their changes directly in the InDesign file all via a standard web browser. Validators can view the English and translated documents side-by-side with a full history of changes. Text corrections and layout annotations are tracked automatically. Please use the quick guide to see exactly how the features can be used. 

InDesign Validator Proofing Guide

Retaining Memory

Because the InDesign file is tagged, the translated InDesign file can then be uploaded along with the translated FLXLIFF file into the proofing platform. Since these two files are uploaded together, whenever your validators make any changes the .flxiff file is populated with the updated translation. This can be used to import back into the translation memory for future work.

Visual Layout

One of the most important pages your validators will use the proofing page. They will see both the source and target versions of the InDesign document in a web browser side-by-side. A click on any text box in the translated document will bring up a pop-up window to make any necessary adjustments.

Sign Off

One of our project managers will be alerted to any changes and will supervise any action accordingly before going to the final approval stage. Once all stakeholders have signed off on the document, the final version will be released.

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